Crests and troughs

If you’re an art lover of all forms, Iowa City was a great place to be last week.  The annual Mission Creek Festival had something for everybody.  Now that the dust has settled, things seem relatively quiet this week (it seems things will likewise be quiet in Ames this week).

Even so, I decided to brave an open mic night at The Mill last Monday.  I could’ve sworn I saw a poster with all scheduled performers for the event displayed near the building entrance.  It’s the most organized Open Mic event I’ve ever seen (kudos to J. Knight)!  I suppose the best original tune I heard for the time I stayed was Rick Vornbrock’s “Drunken By Your Love”.  He was getting a lot of use out of some pedal that allowed him to create vocal harmonies on top of his melody based on the chords he was playing, but he was having trouble triggering it because the pedal was too far away from him on his right side.  The pedal either needs to come closer to his foot or, if able, he should stand while playing (I find the pedals are easier to use when upright).

Next week is also looking a little slow, so I may finally get around to a CD I’m overdue in reviewing.  Can anyone confirm 1884 really was the last time Iowa City had a riot?


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