No show review (yet), so here’s a preview

Last night I intended to check out a show at Gabe’s featuring Iowa City’s “Dana T.“, along with Des Moines acts Gloom Balloon and Christopher the Conquered.  Unfortunately, the show time listed online was incorrect, and I decided not to attend because I would’ve needed to stay out pretty late to catch it all.

The show was meant to be an “after party” for another show taking place earlier at the First United Methodist Church featuring John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats (with Iowa City – Fort Collins, CO, duet The Lonelyhearts opening).  Back in the ’90s, it was controversial in my home town’s only (Methodist) church when the pastor occasionally played something outside of the hymnal on an acoustic six-string for services.  Glad to see they’re more tolerant twenty years later!

So, looking ahead on the calendar: The University of Iowa’s college radio station, KRUI, is celebrating their 30th year of broadcasting over the airwaves.  The event takes place at the Blue Moose Tap House and features Zeta June, Crystal City, Mitch Meyer and Jack Baker.  Show starts at 7 PM, admission is $5.  If all goes well, I should eventually have a review to share.

KRUI is one of those rare college stations where the students still seem to be free to air what they want to air (within FCC regulations) during their time slots.  When the DJs are away, you get “The Lab”, which (from what I heard last summer when I’d occasionally drop in via TuneIn) gives you a very unique mix of music and pop culture: Do you like ’60s French pop, audio snippets from episodes of the original Star Trek TV series and the “very, very intense” music of Mark Gormley?  If so, you won’t be disappointed.


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