Preview: A few show options for next week

After looking at the Iowa City venues’ calendars for next week, it looks like there are a few shows worth mentioning:

– THE SLEEPWALKERS, Twins (Yacht Club, Thursday 7/10, $5, 19+).  Two power-pop bands take the stage.  Judging from the online tunes I tracked down tonight, one is more influenced by ’70s power-pop like Badfinger and Thin Lizzy, while the other takes their cues from later ’80s power-pop music like The Replacements.  If you like any of those bands, you’ll probably enjoy this show.

– WEEDEATER, aseethe, In the Mouth of Radness, O’enos (Blue Moose, Thursday 7/10, $10, 19+).  If you’re into more hardcore music, this is the show for you. You may hear some drop-D (or possibly even drop-C) tunage, vocal grunting, dramatic pauses, sudden time changes, etc.

– SAPWOODS, Midwest, The Ashe Brothers (The Mill, Friday 7/11, $8, 19+).  The Sapwoods headline a show next Friday.  I’m not sure who / what “Midwest” is (very difficult to find them via internet search).  The Ashe Brothers play a mix of folk, jam and psychedelia.

Of the three, I’ll probably attend (and eventually write about) the show at the Yacht Club.  I haven’t seen Twins perform yet (although I had seen Teddy Boys — one of their earlier incarnations — perform at least once), The Sleepwalkers should be fun, the basement atmosphere of the Yacht Club is appealing, the show shouldn’t go on too long (just two bands) and the price is right.

I was initially excited about the Weedeater show, but I discovered they’re a band from North Carolina and not the sludge/rap band from Storm Lake, regrouping to play “Slacker” again (too bad).  I’d hang out at The Sapwoods show but I’ll be out of town that night.


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