SAPWOODS: 7/31/2014 @ S.T. Morrison Park (Coralville, IA)

On Thursdays during the summer months, you can find a farmers’ market and free live music at S.T. Morrison Park in Coralville.  The City of Coralville’s Parks and Recreation Department organizes a diverse summer music series (more info here).

Last Thursday’s featured band was — you guessed it — The Sapwoods!  Here’s a summary:

1. It was another beautiful summer night.  You should’ve been here…

2. The Sapwoods can play outdoor festivals.  They performed from 6:30-8 PM, with few stops in between songs.  There was no shortage of original material — only one cover song was featured in the set.  They kept the crowd interested throughout, even with the Sun out the whole time AND no alcohol sales (to my knowledge).

3. What was the cover song?  The Beatles’ “Oh! Darling“.  Although the performance was a little unpolished, I believe it marked the first time the group featured keyboardist Miranda Peyton as the lead vocalist (she also played guitar for the song).  Peyton has a nice voice and the lineup switch adds even more variety and future possibilities for the band.

And what was the overall reaction from concert-goers?  People had positive things to say about Justin Swafford’s singing and songwriting, as well as some criticism for the mix that kept David Suchan’s lead guitar (and, eventually, Peyton’s keyboard) too low.  I also interviewed the two toughest-looking dudes in the park (one was sporting a Mohawk) to get their take on the group and they, too, enjoyed the sounds.

So there you have it.  If any towns in Iowa are looking for a change of pace from the traditional rock or country cover band to play at your stage, bandshell, food-based festival, etc., The Sapwoods should be a consideration.


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